WWPRP Policies

WWPRP Simulation Policy

Policy on Female Family Physicians in Rural Practice 2nd Edition (2003)

Policy on Quality and Effectiveness of Rural Health Care (2003)

Politica de qualidade e eficacia dos cuidados de saude rural (portugues)

Politica para medicas de familia em area rural (2002) portugues)

Policy on Using IT to Improve Rural Health Care 2nd Edition (2002)

Politica sobre o uso da Tecnologia da Informacao para melhoria dos cuidados da saude rural (portugues)

Policy on Rural Practice and Rural Health – 2nd Edition (2001)

Policy on Training for Rural General Practice (1995)

Politica para a Formacao para a Pratica Geral Rural (portugues)

WWPRP Statements & Declarations

Delhi Declaration (2018)

Cairns Action Statement on Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout in Rural Practice (2017), Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Statement on Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout in Rural Practice (2017)

Statement on SImulation in Medical Education (2015)

Gramado Statement (2014)

Statement on Simulation in Medical Education (2014)

Thunder Bay Communique (2012)

Cedu Strategies (2011)

Resolution on Integration (2009)

Calabar Communique (2008)

HARP: Health for all Rural People: Creating Unity for Action (Draft October 2003)

Melbourne Manifesto: Um Codigo de Condutas para o Recrutamento Internavional de Profissionais de Saude (portugues)

O Manifesto de Melbourne: Um Codigo de Condutas para o Recrutamento Internacional de Profissionais de Saude (portugues)

The Kuching Statement for Action (2003) – the health of indigenous peoples

A declaracao de Kuching para acaoa Saude dos Provos Indigena (portugues)

The Santiago Statement on Child Labour (2003)

The Santiago de Compostela Statement (2003) – on HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS: o document de Santiago de Compostela (portugues)

Calgary Commitment, (2000) – women in rural family medical practice

An Action Framework for the Conference Participants and the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice (1999)

The Durban Declaration (1997) – health for all rural people

Declaracao de Durban – Saude para toda a Populacao Rural (portugues)

Rural Seeds (Medical Students and Young Doctors)

Cairns call to Action (2017)