Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

BRAC: Bangladesh Rural Action Committee

Voluntary Organisation. The biggest NGO in the world that cares for Bangladesh’s poor and vulnerable. It has spread to 10 other countries

CARE International

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Global NGO out of USA

Clinton Care Access Initiative

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Empathy Museum

European Union Public Health

FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation United Nations

Global Consensus for Social Accountability of Medical Schools

The 21st Century presents medical
schools with a different set of challenges: improving quality, equity, relevance and
effectiveness in health care delivery; reducing the mismatch with societal priorities; redefining roles of health professionals; and providing evidence of impact on
people’s health status

Global Health Initiative

Free courses on the world’s top diseases

Global Health Watch

An alternative vision to WHO

Global Health Workforce Alliance (The Alliance)

The Global Health Workforce Alliance (The Alliance) was created in 2006 as a common platform for action to address the crisis.

Global Poverty Project

Global Poverty Project is an international education and advocacy organization working towards the end of extreme poverty by 2030

US government site. Useful links

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